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Mudtober Mud Bog ‘17


October 26th was a sticky morning in Palm Beach, FL. My girl and I we’re ready to head north for some relief. I gotta thank her for being ready at 6:00am on the nose. You the best!

Typically, I make these Outlaw Swagger treks alone, as her nerves are not designed to handle the mayhem that ensures when the #outlawdoublewide shows up.  But this time, our adventure was taking us to the Original Puddin Creek Mud Bog, which happened to be in her hometown, Perry, FL. So, she was going to get to see her Mama and Brother, and I got to spray some of the best mud in the country.

We pulled into to Mr. Deadwoods' house in Gainesville at 10:00am, right on schedule.  We radioed in a 10/100 and grabbed the electronics. Then it was on to the nursery to hook the #outlawdoublewide. After a quick ball change and 360 road ready check, I gave Justin the “deuces” on the way out.

Westbound and down from Newberry on Hwy 19, just over an hour is 6519 Red Padgett Rd S. When we pulled up at 12:03pm, there was already a line! I knew then, it was going to be a thriller.


When we made it to “check-in” everyone was super nice, like family you hadn’t seen in a while. We got wristbands and were told to setup anywhere we wanted.  WHAT? REALLY?  OK! Plus we were the first Vendor there, so we had pick of the litter.

We drove in slowly, eyeing our spot.  The North Florida flora and fauna were flexing their Fall beauty, but seemingly unaware of the chaos to come.

We found the perfect spot, under a mossy live oak, in the shade.  We were basically the first thing anyone was going to see as they drove down the long dirt road to find their weekend address. 

After nailing my dismount, I took my girl to town to see her momma.  We had some lunch (did ya’ll know Perry had a buffet?) Then, I headed back to the “Puddin Pond.”

Thursday Night suggested the weekend was going off the charts. An incessant train of rigs rumbled in. Some big, some small, some busted, some custom, but all teeming at the jams with excitement.

Friday and Saturday saw every hole and pond on the property swarming with trucks, SUV’s 4wheelers, side by sides and I even saw a jacked-up Corvette and an AMC Pacer, I kid you not.  Now the 60”tractor tires were only outshined by the 80” skidder’s on a clean ass Chevy from TX. All being thrust through the cool black panhandle mud by more horsepower than a Daytona 500!

 We made a ton of new friends everyday:

Our “on site welder”, Heather.             Georgia Boys! Rockin Upchurch’s old C10 

Even Bish made it out in THE PIG! As always people loved the No Name Sauce

Like ol Kris Kristofferson famously told us: “there's something in a Sunday that makes a body feel alone.” By. 9:00am the park was down 1/3rd of its patrons.  Surely led by the prodding ones in the crew that might not have imbibed as much or had a little woman at home, texting “what’s your ETA” at 5:30am. Empty camps and smoldering fires were just about all that was left around noon. Except the 6 or 7 trucks and Side-by-Sides stuck out in what looked like the Gulf of Mexico!

All in all, the Original Puddin Creek Mud Bog was an overwhelming success and one hell of a great time!  See ya next year, Perry People!

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