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Outlaw Swagger was an idea born from friendship. The company's owners, JJ Newman and Steve Smith, decided to grab a few beers one day after work. While sitting at the bar, JJ had his sleeves rolled up and Steve immediately noticed a tattoo that read Outlaw Swagger with the number 46 artistically woven into it. “What’s Outlaw Swagger,” Steve asked? “It’s my life,” replied JJ. “Outlaw by day and Swagger by night!”

As for the number 46, it has always represented a powerful number in JJ’s life. His father was born that year, and the numerical figure has somehow managed to make its way into his existence every day and for as long as he can remember.

Simple yet genius was the thought that keep running through Steve's mind as he listened to JJ's story. Now at some point in the conversation, Steve leaned into the bar and said to JJ, “We need to take this idea of yours and turn it into online brand that appeals to everyone who thinks like you! Outlaw by day, swagger by night. I love it, man. What do you think?”

A few months later and after countless hours of hard work, Outlaw Swagger was born. It has since grown to become one of the South’s premier lifestyle brands having sold thousands of products in the past 12 months alone.

From short-sleeve t-shirts to custom hats and hoodies, Outlaw Swagger sells a unique line of men’s and women’s apparel along with a growing list of vinyl decals, license plates, beer mugs and more... all of which scream Southern attitude!

Whether you live a country lifestyle and ride bulls to get your thrills, or perhaps you hit the open road in search of freedom while roaring along on your Harley, Outlaw Swagger is a brand that reaches out to many. At the end of the day, all of the products we make were created by, and meant for, those who love life and have fun living it their way. No rules. No boundaries. No limitations. That’s what the Outlaw Swagger lifestyle is all about, and our community lives it proudly.

You can find our friends and fans pretty much everywhere these days. They could be sitting down at the bar next to you or at an event like Bike Week, Sturgis or perhaps at your local Mud Fest.

We’ve been seen at race tracks all over the country chilling with some of the finest Gear Heads in the world. We have roots going all the way back to fast cars and mason jars, and you can bet your ass we’ll be getting down and dirty with the best of them! The outdoors is our domain, and we're gonna be comin' at ya full throttle this year, so be ready.

One more thing…  We want you to know that Outlaw Swagger is an American company, using American products, made by American people. That’s important to us, and we think it should be important to ya'll as well.

Thanks so much in advance for your support, and please remember that’s there's no better way to share the love than to tell a friend! Oh, and if you’re interested, we have an awesome community of bad-ass people, just like you on Facebook and Instagram, and we'd love for you to become of part of it. So when you're done shopping in our online store, head on over to our social media pages, and let's get this party started!



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